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Business Finance Essentials (BFE)


This course is designed for companies to include it in their probation training package for their new employees to understand the basics of finance. It consists of 20 videos that explain complicated financial jargon in simple laymen’s term so that one can have a meaningful conversation with the finance & accounting professionals. It helps people to speak the language of business – numbers!

What you’ll learn

  • Grasp business finance basics, including how to manage assets and funding
  • Interpret financial statements like income statements and balance sheets
  • Analyse business operations and manage people using motivation and rewards
  • Assess business performance using essential financial metrics and concepts


  • Grasp the basics of finance for meaningful professional conversations
  • Simplify complex financial terms for better understanding
  • Build a solid foundation in business finance management
  • The subject of finance is about common sense which is not always common. This program is designed to tap into the common side of the common sense.

Foundation 1: Basic numbers you always wanted to know

  • The four things that happen in every business
  • Understanding the primary role of a bookkeeper from a football perspective
  • Understanding the primary role of an accountant from a football perspective
  • A non-finance person is a myth!
  • Difference between finance & accounting

Foundation 2:

  • The two capitals required to start – grow – manage a business
  • The three types of business
  • The two rules in business
  • FUNdamentals of a Balance Sheet
  • FUNdamentals of a Profit & Loss Statement

Foundation 3:

  • Understanding Break-Even Point (BEP)
  • Understanding Depreciation
  • Difference between Profit & Money
  • FUNdamentals of a Cashflow Statement
  • Difference between Debit & Credit
  • Business is not just about turnover, it is more about leftover
  • What can we learn from McDonalds pricing model?

Bonus videos – Business Finance Literacy Program

  • Using OPM to make more money
  • How much should a business owner aim to make in their business?

** Now everybody can speak the language of business – numbers! **